Day 078 / Making A Fire Pit Pt. 1

Today, Jenny and I started a cool project.  We are creating a concrete fire pit for the backyard.  The instructions which Jenny found on the internets is deceptively simple.  It was a fun project.  The way it works is you make a circle on a large tarp.  Then you build a mound out of wet sand (sand castle-style) within that circle.  Keeping the sand moist by covering it with plastic sheeting you slowly mix the concrete until it’s a thick mud-like consistency.  Then you remove the sheeting and add the concrete mud to the sand mound.  I used about two bags of concrete.  Once you’ve added all of the concrete and smoothed the mound out you cover it up with plastic sheeting for 48 hours for it too cure.  I’m excited to see how this guy turns out once it’s completely dry.  I’m positive it will need a fair amount of sanding before it turns smooth.