It’s been a while since I have posted!  Whew! I am happy to say that I have done a bit of drawing each and every day since but I have let the posting duties completely fall by the wayside.  And I’ve waited so long that the act of posting has snowballed into a much larger task.  In fact I tried to get this long post up a week ago but it took so long to gather and write that time ran out on me and I was back to being too busy to allot the time.


Nevertheless, it’s not a habit that I would like to get used too, yet at times it is inevitable.  So, now I am going to attempt to lay it all down and remember the past 21 days.  Perhaps it doesn’t matter really.  Sometimes there’s not much to write about in regards to a drawing.  It’s practice.  Though, I sometimes like to describe the day and my thoughts on it.  Things I think are worth a share.  So anyway.



DRAWING 128 – Digging Out


This first drawing above is Drawing 128.  It was drawn at 4am in the morning so technically it was drawn on the 11th but I hadn’t been to bed yet so I consider it the 10th.  It was a friday and my co-worker Nathan and I were hoping to get a rough cut of a Muppets Sizzle to the client that day.  Unfortunately, it needed quite a bit of work still, so we stayed there, working on it non-stop until about 3am in the morning.  We both had Mothers day plans and we needed to get this done to a place that we felt good about it.


It was a good day despite the work because I believe by the end of the day we had a piece that was hitting the jokes pretty well and musically was feeling right.  Anyways, 4am on my sofa, just before bed, I drew this.  I think sitting here now putting together this epic post, it seems apropos that he’s pulling himself out of a hole.



DRAWING 129 – Body Shapes



This was a Saturday that I spent with the family.  I had a bit of time to draw in the afternoon so I decided to work on some body shapes.



DRAWING 130 – Generic Face And Other Stuff


Drawing130BJust anything

Mothers Day sunday.  A beautiful day!  Jenny and I took the little one to the tide pools and we had a wonderful day out.  I think I doodled these while watching TV with Jenny.



DRAWING 131 – Roping Down


Woke up ass-crack early to get back to work on the Muppet sizzle.  Nathan and I continued working on it until we finally sent it at 6pm.  I had to work late because I had other projects that needed attention and this week was going to be crazy with the shoots.  I drew this before leaving the office to go home.



DRAWING 132 – Cowboy Face




DRAWING 133 – Weirdo




DRAWING 134 – Fish Face




DRAWING 136 – Jet Pack


I remember I wanted to draw something with a setting this evening.  I like the way it initially has turned out.  So far it is all drawn with a 2H pencil.  I would like to go back and add some 2B.



DRAWING 137 – Mandolin


I drew this at a birthday get together for my friends Wendy and Nicole.  They are both artists and they inspired a table full of people to start drawing.  It was a good time!  Wendy and Nicole are having an art opening this June 7th at The Hibbleton/Magoski Art Colony in Fullerton for the Artwalk.  Come out for it!



DRAWING 138 – Bow And Arrow/Junie At The Beach





DRAWING 139 – Axe Murderer




DRAWING 140 – Messing Around




DRAWING 141 – African American Dude And Female Ray Liotta




DRAWING 142 – Dragon Dude


I always tend to sketch things roughly when I draw.  I remember when I drew this dragon guy I was trying to keep my lines clean and singular.



DRAWING 143 – Lineman




DRAWING 144 – Chameleon And Stuff




DRAWING 145 – Cats




DRAWING 146 – Droopy Dude


Kind of looks like the dude that works at the U-Haul down the street from me.



DRAWING 147 – Tobias


It is not easy to draw and watch Arrested Development at the same time.



DRAWING 148 – Shark Bait




DRAWING 149 – Walking


Practicing walking shapes.


Whew!  Now maybe I can get back into posting these things daily!