Today, tuesday the 18th.  Spent the day hanging with my daughter and then cleaning the house up for our trip tomorrow.  Early tomorrow morning the family and I head up to Big Sur for a weekend of camping.  I most likely won’t be posting my drawings for the rest of the week until Sunday evening.  I do plan on doing some still life drawings of my surroundings.  I’m bringing my watercolors as well, just in case.  I also bought Junie a book that she is meant to paint in.


Today, while Junie watched cartoons, I drew these guys.  I did a little experiment.  I scribbled a random shape very quickly and then examined  the lines for faces.  Then I refined the scribble down until it was just the face.  I was able to create some characters based on a line with natural flow.  It was pretty interesting to see how easily I could pull a character out of it.