Hey everyone.  Todays post is not very exciting but I am heading towards a goal.  This evening I decided to work on my monome app 64 (Video) Fingers and change the way that the pattern recorders work.  One of the major drawbacks of using 64 (video) Fingers is that in order to use it successfully you pretty much need to have external sync.  My goal is to free up those pattern recorders and have the tempo be set by pattern length instead.  Pretty much the way a looper pedal works except with a little more accurate timing (hopefully).  This way someone could very quickly get the hang of creating loops with the app.


Unfortunately not a lot of progress to report.  It usually takes me awhile to comprehend things when I work in MAX/MSP and I’m still devising my plan.  It will definitely be rad when I get this puppie working the way I want it to.

4 Replies to “Day 068 / Working On My App

  1. Dantes

    that diagram is intense! pretty awesome! i havent work in any of this, but i’d offer my assistence with logic if you need it (i graduated in programming) or just want to bounce ideas

  2. The B-Roll

    Haha, Inthia. It looks complex and in the end it is but when you start the patch it starts from a very simple place. I even get lost these days sifting through it.

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