For most of the day I felt pretty aimless.  I kept getting caught up in little details in the piece I’m editing at work.  There’s this thing in editing called a Franken-bite.  It basically means, you have an interview with someone and they don’t quite say what you need them to say in order to smoothly transition from one section to another.  So you basically make them say it.  Find a word here or maybe even a “Kuh” sound or a “Thruh” sound and create new words from parts of other words.  It’s a special thing when you get it just right but that was what I found myself doing for most of the day and it can really wear you down.  I will demonstrate the creation of one of these franken-bites for a future creative thing but for now the stuff I’m working on is unreleased and I can’t show you.
In other news, today the tracks came out for the most recent Monome Community Remix Project and if you follow this blog you know that I didn’t make it by the deadline.  The tracks are pretty amazing and I have to say it has lit a fire under me to finish something up for myself.  So tonight I ended the night by working on a song.  I have the beginnings of something but it still needs a lot more.  All the samples that I used to create the tune were vocal samples.  It’s very peaceful, that’s all I can say.  Click play below in order to hear it. They’re all really great.
Be sure to give a listen to the tracks that the others created for this latest Monome Community Remix Project here.
If you’d like to download this and any of the other MCRP’s head over to our bandcamp site here.