January 27th, 2011
My iphone woke me up at my office at 5am and I slowly made my way into my edit bay.  I finished my edit as quickly as possible.  By 8am I relayed the cut over to the client and went back to sleep on the sofa.  At 9am, I received some notes on the cut.  I got off the sofa and addressed the notes and relayed the new cut.  The rest of my day was pretty much this repeated.
I felt pretty horrible from the food poisoning that I got last night.  I felt nauseous and physically tired.  I found out later, once I got home that I had a fever as well.  I had a meeting over at Disney for the muppets at 3pm so I had to wait around for that.  I made myself throw up just before going to the meeting.  I was in a sad state of affairs to say the least.
I was relieved to get home.  I ate some food, finally and lied on the sofa while Jenny watched TV.  I couldn’t imagine doing something creative so I decided it was due time to do another modular patch.  It’s funny because one of the last times I made a patch on the modular on Day 199 I was sick as well.
The patch started as a simple bass sound through a WASP filter.  I worked in the rotating clock divider and the regular clock divider and began adding higher pitch melodies.  Both melodies are semi-random created using a couple sample and hold modules each being fed a different LFO.
When I recorded the patch, I started by fading in the bass sound, then I added clock divided panning to it, then I faded in the two other oscillators and adjusted the amount of pitch modulation.  The rotating clock divider was controlling the rhythm of the two higher pitches as well as the rhythm with which the pitches would change.  During the recording I played with where the patch cables would connect on this modules, changing up the rhythm here and there.  Finally, I played around with the a highpass filter I had connected to one of the higher pitches.
After I finished recording I went to bed.  The next day, I edited it down to a more listenable level.  I recorded for about 15-20 minutes but I cut it down to about 8 and half.
Anyways, hope you enjoy.

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