January 23rd, 2011
Sunday on set was pretty slow.  Almost arduously slow but at least it wasn’t a late night.
I went home determined to finish my track.
Tonight was better than last night.  It was good to step away and come back to the song.  I didn’t hate it as much this time.  The tempo is very slow and I think this could have been effecting my feelings on the track.  It has a very bolero feel to it.
I mostly focused on mixing but I did add a few more samples, including the classic one from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which I think sounds great.  I also added some of the tape sounds I got from my experiments on Day 320 / Wow & Flutter.  Lastly, I added plugin effects and automated some parameters.
In the end, I think the track turned out all right.  I still don’t know if it turned out better than my original version on Day 302 but this time I thought there were some good moments that weren’t there before.
Feel free to have a listen below.  And definitely check out everyone else’s tracks and download the full album here.
Nevertheless, please enjoy!

2 Replies to “Day 323 / Monolero

  1. Bite

    I understand the feeling of hating when you work in your own tracks for some time….but people don,t know nothing about that and listening this track fresh and for the first time is an experience.So complex, great ambiance.Reminds me in some ways to animal collective….

  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks bite! I still need to listen to it on other speakers. I did all of my work on headphones. Listening to it on my computer speakers has revealed some strange sounds.

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