December 31st, 2010,


Tonight is new years eve and sadly Junie is sick.  We had plans to go out on the town but we felt bad leaving this snuffly sick baby girl with grandma for the night.


As for resolutions, I’m still looking to make it out of the one that you’re reading right now.  But doing this project has opened my eyes to some real flaws in my personal being.  One being the fact that I seem to be extremely diligent with some things but just as extremely forgetful when it comes to other important aspects of my life.  One being the mail.  I hate the mail.  I have let too many bills go delinquent because of mere stupidity and forgetfulness.  My new years resolution is to focus on the things I dislike most and do them first.


Anyways, Happy New Year!!!!


I have to credit Todd Burleson for this idea.  He is a fellow reader of the blog who is involved in his own 365 day project.  He has been taking a creative photograph every day for about a year now.  He’s getting close to the end.  His blog is very inspiring.  Not just the photos but often the words.  The titles coupled with a thoughtful quote under every picture convey ideas and emotions that I can only hope for on this blog.


Todd has also found his own bit of inspiration out of the pages here.  Since he saw some of my previous music-box posts he decided to get one of his own.  He composed a song for his wife on their wedding anniversary and had the ingeniuous idea of creating a mobius strip out of it.


I’d never known what a mobius strip was until Todd showed me his post, but all you have to do is connect the end of your composition strip to the beginning and flip it so that the back-side faces front.


The cool thing that happens is that your composition is inverted once it passes the connection point.  My composition was created kind of haphazardly but I purposely composed something with repeating rises so that when it inverted it would becomes repeating falls.  I actually like it much better inverted.  Funny, but it makes me want to go back and hear some of my previous compositions backwards.


Thanks for the inspiration Todd!


5 Replies to “Day 300 / Musical Mobius Strip

  1. Todd

    Happy New Year!
    I am honored to share some inspiration with you; your blog has been a consistent piece of positive reading for me each day too. 300! Congratulations!

    If you are up for it, I think we should do our ‘virtual’ music composition together!

    I particularly like the way your piece sounds backwards too; it’s quite complex actually. I’m working on a new piece of my own and will share soon too.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks guys! Todd, I’d love to do the virtual sheet music idea. Kind of like battleship except musical. How should we reference where notes belong? Or should we just go in sequence?

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