December 29th, 2010



Today was rainy all day.  We stayed in for most of it except at one point June and I put on some rain gear and played in the rain.  We sent leaves down the gutters together.  It was pretty awesome.



I spent the rest of the day hanging with June and rendering shots from yesterday through my After Effects Slitscan composition to collect up for posting.



I decided to continue work on my song for the most recent Monome Community Remix project.  I’ve been experimenting with the samples lately.  On Day 292 I created a sort of fugue with the famous clip from the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” where the humans communicate with the aliens at the end.  Tonight, I decided to work more with that same sample.



I separated each on the music notes from the movie clip to separate midi notes on the keyboard using Ableton’s Sampler and then I used the monome application Boiiing on it.  Boiiing is a simple and effective application.  Click here to see a video showing how it works.



I recorded my little jam with Boiiing and cut it down to my favorite bits.  There’s a rhythm in there that I like best and think will be the springboard for my next session with this song.





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