I actually had quite a bit of free time today and my plan was to work on some of my longer term projects like the telescope conversion but instead I looked at my garage and decided to devote most of the day to cleaning it out.  I could have gone to my parents garage, which is what I usually do when I’m constructing something, but I wanted my own garage to be a place that invites me to work in.  A frustrating reminder of this is this bandsaw I bought quite a while ago  that’s still not set up.  Anyways, I was pretty distracted by the garage all day and I didn’t get to work on the creative project that I wanted to.



In the evening we had Jenny’s sister and her husband over for dinner and a board game.  We played until about 11:30pm and after they left I decided I might as well put some work into my track for the latest MCRP.  The samples in this one are all from movies and there are some real good clips in there.  One clip in particular is from the film Babel.  It’s a score cue that is almost too good.



Anyways, I went through all the musical samples and experimented with which ones worked well with each other.  Eventually, I created a few loops from various samples and brought them into MLR.



It has been a long time since I’ve pulled my monome out and it was nice to use it again.  I played around with the loops on my monome and recorded the results.  Then I brought the recording into Ableton and cut it down to a listenable length.



The samples I used were from the films Babel, Badlands and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  The Babel sample is so good that it is the foundation for the rest of the samples.



I don’t know how this jam session will influence my final track for this MCRP.  I may not use any of this in my final.  I love the Babel sample but I think it could over-shadow whatever identity my track could potentially have.  Either way, it was good to play with the monome again.