Last night I left work a bit late but still hit unrelenting traffic.  As I drove home I thought about my creative project for the night.  I knew I wanted to figure out some kind thing I could give to Jenny.  By morning it would be her birthday.


Inspiration struck partly because of the latest Monome Community Remix Project.  We all had to turn in our samples and this time around the theme is movie samples.  I sampled some dialogue from one of my favorite films, The Hudsucker Proxy.  It has always been a favorite of mine but it also is a reminder of the early years between Jenny and I.


Back in the days when I lived in San Francisco and Jenny would come by to visit we didn’t have any furniture in the living room.   Jenny and I would often watch movies tucked in a sleeping bag on the floor.  The Hudsucker Proxy fits into this era of our relationship.


The film is overflowing with great dialogue but the particular line that I selected for the card is one that Jenny and I used to recite to one another.  It’s from a very romantic scene in the film where Norville Barnes (Tim Robbins) and Amy Archer (Jennifer Jason Leigh) stand on a picturesque skyscraper balcony and talk about the past lives they possibly shared together as gazelle and antelope.  It’s a beautiful scene that ends with a kiss and a swelling score that feels like something out of Gone With The Wind.


At first, I thought I’d be able to do a screen-print of the card at my buddy Dean’s house but unfortunately none of his silks were prepared with emulsion.  So, instead I opted to simply go with transparencies attached to some thick card stock.


I found the gazelle and antelope by googling the term “open source clip art”.  I created most of the design in Inkscape and then prepared the files for printing in photoshop.  I printed and cut them to size at Kinkos.  I super-glued the transparencies into position on the cards once I got back home.


It was great to watch her open it the next morning.  She loved the card!

In case you can’t read the line it says:

“You were a gazelle with long graceful legs gambling through the underbrush.
Perhaps we met once. A chance encounter in a forest glade. I must’ve been an antelope or Ipex.
What times we must have had foraging together for sustenance. Snarfeling water from a mountain stream. Picking the grubs and burrs from one another’s coats.
Or perhaps we simply touched horns briefly and went our separate ways.”

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