This friday was another pretty mellow day on the set.



Afterwards, at home I was feeling a little un-creative.  Once Jenny was off to bed I didn’t have much of a spark to be adventurous.  Even a patch on the modular felt a little too complex for me.



Fortunately, I devised a plan that would simplify my goal in front of the modular.  I decided I’d just go in there with the idea of creating a simple beat.  That’s all.  Patch in a kick drum, patch in a snare, patch in some hi-hats and there you go.



Well, I’m glad I decided to simplify because through the process of creation the avenues of complexity were less of a bother.  Opportunities arise as you patch and by the end you’ve created something better than you expected.  That’s how this evening went.



I set the rotating clock divider as the heart of the rhythm.  As I recorded my beat I tried to switch up small variations such as muting a single drum or adjusting the decay of the snare.  When I felt I recorded all of the variations I would switch patch cables on either the rotating clock divider or the envelope generators creating new beats.



I enjoyed the way the beat was transforming.  I brought it into Ableton and cut it down to the best of the best.  You can play the results below.