I guess the issue with my car is a real stumper to the guys at the dealership.  They thought they had it fixed and then after a test drive realized it wasn’t.  There was no reason for me to stay late this evening so I decided to take the train home.  It was a pretty pleasant ride home.  I spent the whole trip with my face pressed against the glass trying to see out to the passing landscape.


It’s pretty interesting to see Los Angeles by train.  You get to peek behind the scenes, so to speak.  You pass by veritable fields of electrical power boxes and transformers, massive distribution centers with pallets stacked to the sky.  Plus the people on the train are interesting as well.  I can understand how a writer might benefit from riding the train.  Everyone is a character.  I enjoyed over-hearing the cell-phone conversations that many of the passengers were having around me.  It was all very evocative for me.


Anyways, my creative thing came to me at the Burbank station while I waited for my train to arrive.  I looked at the ground and saw that the concrete I was standing on had all these pockmarks in it.  I tried to mentally connect some of the dots together and found a few good combinations, so I decided to snap some pictures.  I brought the images into Inkscape and connected the dots together to make the pictures you see above.

2 Replies to “Day 248 / Connecting The Dots

  1. Todd Burleson


    Your writing is as inspirational as your work today. Thank you. I am truly impressed with your ‘seeing’ and your free flow. You turned a train ride into a sensational event.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  2. The B-Roll

    I really appreciate the comment Todd. Especially as It has been a tougher week than most. Your comments are always very uplifting. Thanks!

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