I had a busy day ahead of me.  I was expecting to finally pick up my car this evening.  Alas, around 5pm I got the call from the dealership.  They told me that they’d finished up, then started the car and heard the noise again.  Sadly, after already spending one night at the office I was looking to be in for another one.  I could have gone home by asking for a ride but I still had a bit of work to do and it seemed like more of a hassle anyways.


But on the bright side, I had to go to a shoot this afternoon and there I met one of my favorite performers ever, Bret Mckenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame!  I was able to tell him how much of a fan I was.  I also asked if he was truly a synth-nerd and he confirmed.  It was pretty awesome.  I may have the opportunity to actually film him this thursday for work!


Once I got back to the office I spent part of the evening with my co-worker Gage.  I didn’t know what to do for my creative thing but I knew I didn’t want to do another slitscan.  We started talking collages and joked about making a monster in photoshop out of horse photos.  I seriously considered it because I thought it would be funny.  I perused the net.  Google image searched unicorns.


I remembered the fact that a long time ago I was really into pixel art.  I googled it and found The Superbrothers.  They’re work is really awesome and amazing.  They are inspired by the video games of the really early years.  Atari 2600 days.


I tried to think back to some of my earliest memories of playing video games.  It didn’t take me long to end up at King’s Quest.  I used to have an Amiga computer back in the day and I played all of the old Sierra games but the King’s Quest series were always my favorite.  I looked up the game and found a picture of the main character.  It suddenly occurred to me that it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate him in 3D.  He is completely made up of giant pixels so all I had to do was create a bunch of cubes and stack them up using the right colors.


I have to say I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I had fun lighting him.  I think it would be awesome to see him actually move.  Perhaps, a future creative thing.  It only took me about an hour to create this position and I can’t imagine a walk cycle being all that complex.

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