I’m really sorry for all the back-posting lately.  It’s Tuesday afternoon as I write this, and this particular post is for Sunday’s creative thing.  Life has been rather unpredictable lately.  It’s stemming from a combination of my car situation and my work situation.  My car has been out of comission and I have also been struggling at work with a particular short featurette for the film “The Tempest”  As I write this I am relieved to tell you that I got the Tempest cut out.  But rather than talk too much about the present let me tell you about the past.
Sunday was mostly spent taking care of June and being with the family.  I still had work to do on my cut at the office.  I had no car but it was scheduled to be done on Monday so I decided to catch a ride and spend the night at the office.  This way I could spend the whole day Sunday with my family, have time to work on my cut and be able to drive home with my car Monday evening.  I work quite a ways away from where I live so it seemed convenient to me to spend the night.
For my creative thing I decided to do more experiments with Slitscan.  These ones didn’t turn out as well as my last ones but the ideas are good.  I shot two different setups.  First, I tried a similar concept to my hand slitscan except I did it this time with water running from the faucet.  It came out kind of cool but not as interesting as the hand one.
Secondly, I wanted to test out forward movement.  I’ve done things going left to right, top to bottom, and spinning in place but I haven’t tried any forward movement.  I put my camera on a rolling chair and I rolled it through the hallways looping the building 3 to 4 times.  The footage came out extremely wavy because I couldn’t roll the chair without it bumping or shifting left and right.  I tried a bunch of times to get it right but without a dolly or tracks it was impossible.  Nevertheless, the slitscan still gave me a good idea of what I can expect from a smooth move.
I rendered these overnight and by Monday morning I was back to work on my cut.  I also had to go to a film shoot in the afternoon so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post to the blog before then.  So, I decided to render the chair-roll through another slitscan technique.
So, when you see the video below you will see it in order of: the water from the faucet, the chair-roll using one slitscan technique and the chair-roll again using a different slitscan technique.  When you see the last one get all squiggly at the end it’s because as I rolled the camera around the building I sped up at the end. It’s squiggly because your actually able to see almost a full lap at once.
I hope you enjoy!