This day, Saturday, was a great day.  I spent the whole day with June and I felt like I was really connecting with her.  She’s 19 months now and she’s talking like crazy, putting a few words here and there together into sentences.  She’s way more rambunctious then she’s ever been as well.  But we shared a sweet moment in my bedroom where I felt like we were understanding each other better.


It started with the usual, swinging her around with my arms and dropping her softly on the bed.  Then some playful tickling and in a moment of sigh I could tell that she was relaxed.  I said “Let’s talk June”.  She smiled and seemed to know exactly what I was asking.  The rest of it I can’t remember exactly but I asked her to say a bunch of words which turned into trying to sing and ended with me sucking her boogers out without a peep of crying.  Pretty rad.


After that I took her to the Discovery Center, Science Museum in Santa Ana and we played our way through all the exhibits.  It was a great day.  That evening Jenny and I went out to dinner with friends and enjoyed a late night board game.


I didn’t get started on my project until after midnight.  I decided as I drove home that I needed to do something that didn’t entail me needing to use my computer later.  So, I drew a dinosaur.  I’ve been wanting to draw a T-Rex with laser battle armor for a awhile now for perhaps a T-Shirt idea.  I felt a little unsure of how I would draw the armor so I just stuck to the dinosaur.

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