What a weekend.  I got a little backed up on posting.  It’s sunday night as I write this.  I’m back-posting my creative things for friday and saturday as well as dealing with this evenings creative thing.  Oh yeah, and I’m at work.  Because I have no car I decided to spend the night here and finish up a cut for the morning.  My car should be done tomorrow, I hope.  The weekends are always the hardest to post for me because it’s my time with the family.


Just in case you have been missing them I have more slitscans coming your way.  I’m still in conceptual/experimental mode for an upcoming music video.  Once I have a grasp on my favorite ideas for this effect you will probably see less of it on the blog.  
I tried story-boarding the music video as my creative thing but realized that it was impossible.  I, more importantly, have to make a list of what types of things I would I like to see slit-scanned.  I already know I plan on using it as a concept for things being tangled with each other.  Either two lovers twisting forever in an embrace or a person being swarmed by videotape, the experiments from Day 112 make for a complementary set-up.


I’ve come to the conclusion, in regards to experimenting with Slitscan, that I should be playing at lower resolutions.  I have been doing all of these experiments at either 1080 or 720.  The render times are so dang slow that its absurd to think that I can really get an impression of how to manipulate this effect.  This evening I wised up and made some standard definition compositions, which can render about 5 to 6 minutes worth of video a night.


When I realized that story-boarding was out of the question I perused vimeo for slitscan videos and came across this one.  Basically, I decided to copy it.  In the video, the person experiments with his fingers and as I watched it I began seeing a lot of potential for interesting effects.  I thought how beautiful it might be if I could find someone with great control over the fluidity of they’re movement.


I’ve sort of put a hold on research and development of the tools and turned towards asking myself what can I do with the tools I’ve already developed. For my video I decided to do the same hand-thing that the fellow in the video linked above did, just because I wanted to try it.  I also, decided to play with this super-cool vintage rocket toy that I bought from the flea market a while ago.


Enjoy the video!


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