Not too exciting of a post this evening.  Sometimes the most important thing to do is not always the most exciting thing to present.


I wanted to write up at least one Processing sketch that you could be able to play with (like on Days 162, 166, or 170) but most of my time was spent reviewing in the book.  When you take any time away from learning a programming language the syntax goes right out the window and you need to re-read a ton.


I had a lot of trouble getting through it all.  I wanted to introduce myself to working with images in Processing because I’m feeling a little impatient to get ahead.  When I last left my studies in this software I was heading into the chapter on Arrays.  Unfortunately, Arrays were particularly foreign and complex to me.  
Eventually, it got pretty late and I decided to skip ahead in the book to the chapter on working with image files.  In the picture above I am using a simple code which connects the mouses X and Y positions to the amount of red and blue in the image.