This evening Jenny and I had a Halloween costume party to go to.  The costumes we thought we were going to wear evolved over time.


For awhile, Jenny and I thought we were going to be a double rainbow for halloween,  Then we discovered that our friends Jeff and Wendy were thinking the same thing.  They decided to do something different and we did also because we feared that the double rainbow costume might be a secretly super-popular costume.  Another couple who are friends of ours, Dave and Colleen, had actually planned on it too.  So, the word spread and pretty soon everyone was afraid to actually do it.  There was not one rainbow to be seen this evening.


Note: After it was too late, A friend at work reminded me of why we shouldn’t have worried at all about it in the first place.  Two words: “Quadruple Rainbow”.


Anyways, I decided a couple days ago that I might be an adorable kitten instead.  (Yes, I am strange).  We have this “I Love Kittens” calendar at my work so I scanned the best kitten from that.  Then within Photoshop, I resized the image to the size I wanted it to be in inches.  Then, I created multiple 8.5X11’s and filled the whole image in like a mosiac.  I printed out all the pieces and used spray adhesive to stick them to cardboard.


It actually came together quite quickly but by the time I finished cutting the kitten out of the cardboard it was nearly time to go to the party.  So, I opted for the wooden stick duct-taped to the back rather than any kind of straps to attach it to my face.  It was just as well too, because it’s a pretty anti-social costume when you have to hold it up in front of your face all night. So, the stick gave me the opportunity to bring it down and actually talk to people.


The stick eventually found it’s way to the space between my jacket and my shirt behind my head.  So then it looked like this giant kitten hovering over me.  It was a great topic of conversation for most of the night.


I’m interested in how the kitten on a stick ends up getting used in later creative projects now.

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