Last night was one of those nights.  Jenny and I watched the season finale to Project Runway and afterwards had a long discussion that turned for the worst and ended with both of us feeling a little hurt.  Nevertheless, Jenny and I have a rule to never allow each other go to bed upset and we kept to that rule last night.  I’m a very lucky man.



But alas, having to then lift my energy up to do something creative is a bit of a challenge.  I thought maybe I could do something amorphous with charcoal, perhaps harnessing my mood.  Instead, I felt aimless.  So, I decided to take refuge in front of the modular.



No real inspiration for the patches.  Just kind of randomly experimenting.  I started by messing around with some cross-modulation.  Then I pulled the cables and played around with the A137 Wave Multiplier, that one turned out the best.  Finally, I finished off the night with a half patch.  Just messing around with a clicky-slow saw wave through a lowpass filter, creating some watery drops.




Patch 1
Patch 2
Patch 3

3 Replies to “Day 236 / Taking Refuge In The Modular

  1. Todd Burleson


    I have no idea what you do to create these, but I love them. I would very much like to learn how to do this.


  2. Todd Burleson

    With your inspiration, I created a contact mic. I found a couple of excellent tutorials online on how to do this cheaply. Then, with garageband, I turned my acoustic guitar and musicbox into a rock band! So fun. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. The B-Roll

    That’s awesome Todd! I’d love to take a look at that tutorial. I never thought about making my own. Have you posted the audio from your experiments? I’ll have to check your blog.

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