How’s this for random?


Last night just before Jenny was off to bed, she asked what my creative thing was going to be.  I said I thought I might do some Processing practice since it’s been so long since I’d worked in the software.  Then she joked that I could make some cranberry muffins for her to have in the morning.  I asked if we had the stuff to make cranberry muffins and she said no but she’d recently picked up the stuff to make Rice Krispie Treats.


The jokes came after that and we soon landed on the idea of a Rice Krispie Treat sculpture.  The Death Star seemed particularly funny to us.


I really wanted it to be gray and I’d seen some tutorials on the net that said you could dye the marshmallows and that would work.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take.  I think I’d have to use at least double the amount of marshmallows in order for the Rice Krispies to really be coated in the color.  Instead, it ended up looking more like a slightly drab regular Rice Krispie Treat.


Oh well.  The people at my work seemed to enjoy it.  There is currently only one small piece of the Death Star left.

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  1. The B-Roll

    Haha! I love all your comments. Do anything Star Wars and it happens to be awesome somewhere.

    @Julie, thanks. Wait till you see my next giant bubble post. I haven’t done it yet but I plan on making one of those bubble blowers four times the size with two fishing poles and taking it to the beach to recreate that crazy video that is at the bottom of my giant bubble post. Also, I’m not sure why think this but Did I hear that you guys were moving back this way?

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