I’m writing this as fast as possible because Jenny is feeling sick this weekend and I am watching after June.
Last night I got so close to finishing my Harmonograph table that I was able to give it a preliminary test run. Tonight’s creative thing will be all about finishing up and doing some drawings with it.


I haven’t got the motor installed yet because I realized that I didn’t have the right screws for mounting.  It was pretty late anyways.  I spent most of the day watching after june.  I took her to the hardware store and Micheals to collect what I believed was everything I’d needed to finish the table.  That night Jenny and I went to my pal Steves screening of his amazing documentary “The Reach of Resonance” so I didn’t get to working on the table until quite late in the evening.


I’m glad I was able to give it a test run because it made me aware of some possible adjustments I can make tonight to improve on the drawings.  I realized that I’d never given any thought to how I’d keep the record player from spinning when I didn’t want it too.  For my test run I just lodged a screw between it and the base.


The first of the two drawings above was with the screw lodged.  It think I should add some weight to the bottom of the two uni-directional pendulums because it seemed like the swing of the record player and the resistance on the pen was cooling down the momentum of these two arms quite quickly.  The drawing always ended with this oval shape getting smaller and smaller.


The second of the two drawings was with the record player loose.  As they swung I spun the record player with my hand.  I think this spinning motion has some potential and I’m looking forward getting the motor installed.

7 Replies to “Day 231 / A Test Run

  1. Todd Burleson

    In addition to making a very cool project, you are balancing your family too. That’s what I am most impressed with while watching this project unfold. Congratulations on getting this baby almost ready. I can’t wait to see it completed; it’s going to be amazing.


  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks Todd! Those links are pretty rad. Drawing machines are such a cool concept I think. I also like anything that incorporates a bicycle as well.

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