Last night was awesome.  I left work at 7pm to hit the usual friday night 2-hour traffic.  As the clock ticked by, I kept thinking about the lost time.  This evening was the deadline for submitting your final song for the Monome Community Remix Project.



Not only was I going home tonight with no arrangement work done on my track whatsoever, I was also moderating this MCRP so I had to get everyones tracks organized, uploaded and labeled.  I didn’t have high hopes to have anything all that amazing by submission time.



It’s interesting though, that whenever your under pressure to get something done great things tend to happen.  I don’t think it necessarily inspires great work or anything.  I think it just removes deliberation from the process and forces you to do, do, do.  Eventually a structure comes into view and you can finally begin deciding on what stays and what gets duplicated.



My song is constructed out of the material I created on Days 218, 221, and 224.  The way I arranged it so quickly was by pressing the big red record button at the top of the screen and then clicking around within each instruments midi track.  Once I had created at least two 4 bar basslines that I liked I basically duped it over and over again, throwing in a little random here or there.  Then I repeated this process for all the instruments I’d previously created.



I didn’t get my track in by midnight but I also didn’t work much later than 2am before calling it a night.  In the end I’m pretty happy with the results even though it does get a little cacophonous here and there.  I think I may need to add a few breaks.



It’s awesome to hear how everyone used the samples so differently.  If you’re interested in downloading the sample pack that each of the songs below are made from click here







3 Replies to “Day 230 / MCRP V8

  1. rabbitearsmotel

    very cool. sounds good to me. actually really catchy (reminded of Sigur Ros when it first started. then it jumped into the peppy synth landscape. are you going to be doing the RPM challenge this year? it was a lot of fun last February.

  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks Rabbitears, I may be up for the rpm thing. I have always had this idea of doing an album based on field recordings with re-creations of those field recordings done electronically. So we’ll see what’s happening when Feb comes along.

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