Last night was all about sifting, sifting, sifting.  Over the course of the past week and a half I have accumulated a ton of raw material to be used in the creation of my song for the Monome Community Remix Project.  Sadly, it’s a rather boring process but my time needs to be devoted to it.  You can hear some of my raw material from Days 224, 221, and 218.


My process this evening was to take all of that raw material and to pull as many loops out of it as I can.  I spent most of the night mixing down midi tracks to audio and re-importing them for sifting.


The problem is that I have trouble saying no.  I tend to keep too much almost making the sifting process futile.  I attempted to put together an audio file for you to listen to but nothing was really sounding all that cohesive.  So, I decided to just keep trudging forward.  The deadline for my final track is friday night at midnight so I need to get through this in order to start arranging and adding garnishment.

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