I want to begin todays post with a couple short announcements.
First, I’ve changed the name of my MCRP page to just Monome.  I’m broadening that page because I’d like it to be more of a connection to the artists and makers of the monome community that I so appreciate.  I’ve added a link there to an album with 2-discs full of music from these artists.  It’s a beautiful album designed, compiled, burned and released completely by the monome community.  It is a branch of the Monome Community Tour.  An artist named Watson spearheaded the movement but multiple artists from around the world stood up and toured they’re local area forming what became the first worldwide Monome Community Tour.  It’s another major testament to the spirit and fortitude that this little community displays.
Secondly, My friend Steve Elkins documentary “The Reach of Resonance” screens this Saturday in Fullerton, CA at The Hibbleton Art Gallery.  I saw the film about a week ago and it is truly, truly inspiring.  I cannot recommend it enough, I was completely blown away by it.  It’s an amazing film about artists who create music and sound in very unusual ways.  From a woman who uses plants and insects to create sound, to a man that has wired up the whole state of alaska and piped it into one small room, to a charismatic and irreverent violinist who started by twisting the violin into his own inventions and now travels the world playing the fences in areas of conflict.  The film is about so much more than music as well.  Please go see it.  You’ll get a Q & A with Steve afterwards and all proceeds from the ticket sales go to help cover the costs of production.  Click here to get more info.
Ok, now to my creative thing of the day.  In homage to Steve’s film and creating music in unusual ways I decided to record my little DC motor before it gets mounted in it’s eventual home, my Harmonograph table.
I started by playing midi notes into my headphones and simultaneously recorded the tuning of the motor to a major scale.  I got two octaves out of it.
Then I brought the material into final cut and started making a composition with it.  You may recognize the tune, it’s from the first eight bars of my music-box composition on Day 191.
I hope you enjoy!

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  1. rabbitearsmotel

    that was great. do you have an audio recording of the individual notes that you’d be willing to share? would love to make an EXS instrument out of this. very cool. love the chords.

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