No, but it’s pretty freaking close.  Sunday was overcast and gloomy as well.  Most of the afternoon Jenny and I both tried to nap as much as possible.  I took two naps both about an hour long.  I don’t know, I think its the weather.  When it’s cold and misty out all you want to do is relax and watch movies.
Today was also my sister Lisa’s birthday.  So this evening we headed over to my parents house for dinner and celebration with family.  Once everyone started to leave I went into the garage and continued my work on the Harmonograph.  Check out this post from earlier to get a little rundown on what a Harmonograph is as well as how this one has come to fruition.
This evening I attached the record player to the rotary pendulum and also got all three pendulums hooked onto their gimbles.
What still needs to be done:  I have to attach an 1/8th inch board to the record player for the drawing surface.  Arms need to be attached to the two uni-directional pendulum which will come together to hold the pen.  Weights need to be added to the bottoms of all the pendulums and finally I need to re-connect the DC motor to the record player and test out the spin.
It’s quite a bit more work actually but it feels so nice to see the gimbles working and the pendulums swinging.  It makes me feel a little better about the question of whether or not it will ultimately work when I finish.