The weekend weather has been overcast and gloomy.  Saturday consisted of watching June until the early afternoon.  Jenny took over around two so that I could go and work on my Harmonograph table before dinner.  It was going to be my creative thing for the day except it turned out to be more like multiple visits to the hardware store rather than any real visible progress.



So, instead I worked further on my song for the Monome Community Remix Project.  I finally got to a place where I see a bit of direction.  Even though I feel like I’m still in the “creating raw material” phase I think the stuff I’m creating is finally leading somewhere.



I can’t really share with you too much because there is a strict rule not to reveal your track before the song submission deadline which is this Friday night.  Although, I will share with you an audio file of some beats I created using xor.



It’s funny.  So far xor is the only app that I’ve used to create my current musical fodder.  I don’t think it beats more intuitional approaches to making beats and it can feel a little over-quantized at times.  Although, it definitely offers you the chance to play with many different combinations quickly on the fly.



Click play below to hear a small sampling of the beats I created using xor. I added a couple plug-ins to it. Audio Damage’s Replicant for the random micro-slices and Native Instruments Guitar Rig for the cabinet sound.