If you read yesterdays post you’d know that I didn’t have much time to come up with something to do for my creative project last night.  As the clock ticks by many options go out the door because of their complexity and amount of effort involved.  This evenings creative thing was virtually effortless, thankfully.
I received an email yesterday from Jared Smith.  He is a friend and a fellow creativity blogger.  You can check out his site, uprlip.com either on my links page or just click on the web address.  Also, check out his music here and check out this awesome video he made of him demonstrating his drum-trigger to midi setup that he ultimately performed at the in/out fest.
Anyways, his email was regarding a monome application that he has been developing lately currently named GrainSlide.  He had wanted to know if I could give it a test run and get back to him with any notes.  I was super excited to see what he was working on.  It’s a very unique application.
I don’t want to give too much away out of respect for his personal unveiling and release of the application but at it’s core is four samplers which offer individual speed-shifting as well as global speed-shifting, plus individual delays.
Well, with the right sample selection in this app you can do absolutely no wrong.  It sounds absolutely beautiful.  I enjoyed playing with a sample selection that he provided for a while.  Then I loaded in my trusty music-box samples from Day 110.  The results were awesome!
Below you can play the sound file that I created from that particular test.  The only complaint I have with the sound is the amount of clicking you hear in the track.   I’m not sure what’s causing it in the app but I have mentioned it to Jared as one of my notes.

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