Last night I thought maybe Jeff and Chris might come over for a jam session.  Unfortunately, they both had things to do in the morning so it wasn’t in the cards.



I decided to keep with the mood and opened up an old jam that we did a long time ago.  Jeff’s banjo was our main instrument.  After we recorded the bass guitar and chris’s Iphone we took jeff’s banjo riffs and chopped them into samples.  Then we took those samples and played them in a monome app called Boiing.  By tbe end of the night we had a ton of great material to play with.



So, last night my creative thing was taking all of that material and arranging it into an actual song.  I added some drums and a few effects here and there but not too much.  The bass line and the banjo were so nice together that adding a bunch of effects would’ve muddied it up.  The perfect garnishment to the banjo line is the chopped up monome-ized banjo riffs.  It’s my favorite part actually.

I have to also add that Jeff did an amazing job coming up with some catchy lines in this. He was on his game for sure.




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