Sorry for posting this one late.  Jeff came over for a usual Saturday night jam and we recorded until about 1am.  I couldn’t get around to sifting the material and performing the clips until sometime on Sunday.  Sunday I was busy doing family stuff until about 7 or 8 in the evening.  Never the less I’m not counting the arrangement I did Sunday night as my creative thing for that day.  I did another processing sketch for that.
Anyways, back to what I did Saturday.  Jeff and Wendy got back from a three week vacation to Peru about a month ago.  Jeff brought back a grip of cool peruvian instruments.  We have been planning on recording these instruments since he brought them back.  Last night we finally did.
The instruments from Peru that we recorded included a large goat hoof shaker, a seed pod shaker, a mini rainstick shaker, a toy xylophone and a little 12 string guitar called a Charango.  The goat hoof and seed pod shakers both had very interesting waterfall sounds.  The xylophone, although not peruvian, was picked up in peru and sounds amazing for being a child’s toy instrument.  The charango was definitely the star of the night.
Jeff played most of the instrumentations while I recorded, selected and looped.  The next day I mixed the tracks and performed the loops on the fly to create the 3 & 1/2  minute track you can play below.  One final thing to note, for the first time in jam night history everything that ended up in the final product was physically recorded that night.  Normally, we start with canned drums and those drums usually stay in the final piece but tonight we actually recorded the drums live.
I hope you enjoy.

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