Whew!  I was really worried I wasn’t going to get this in on time.  Last night I edited the majority of it but I had to multi-task on it a bit today while I was at work.  Then, for some reason, the compression phase took forever to make my final video file.  I let a couple mistakes slide because of the fact that I had to get it posted.  Oh well, I can live with it.
It has been a while since I’ve posted anything synth-related.  This one recalls an old patch that I recorded some years ago in my composition book.  It’s basically a bell sound which sounds quite realistic but can also sound very much like the falling bell sounds that you can hear on Isao Tomita’s Debussy Album.
I wrote in my post from yesterday that I watched it with a friend, and while he was complementary I really knew that it was bad.  Really, really boring.  So, I went about livening it up.  It’s a synthesizer patch video for crying out loud.  It’s certainly not going to appeal to most people but for the sake of entertainment, I juiced it up for the masses.
Since I have been doing these creative things everyday I have found myself repeating certain things.  And every time I try one of these things again I try to do it better than the last time.  Which is a natural thing but a bad habit when I only give myself a few hours each day.  Anyways, this video is trying to be better than my last attempt but filmed with the same style where you see every step it takes, no matter how small, to get to the final product.
Alright, nerds. Get ready to nerd out!

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  1. maciej83

    hi! would you reveal how to obtain such a voice? is it processed through something? i’d be glad to know how you did it :) sounds like fitter/happier by radiohead. anyway, great video, maybe the best “patch how to” video on the web.

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