Today I decided upon the song I will attempt to animate to for my dry-erase animation.  It’s a song that my buddy Brian Keegan wrote.  Keegan is a lyrical wizard in my opinion.  He does mostly hip hop but this song was part of a collection of songs he did with my buddy Tony under the band name Pizza Party.  Keegan’s got a knack for knowing all the little details you might have forgotten about growing up in the 80’s.  If most of your childhood took place in that decade then there is a good chance that Keegans music will bring back memories.  This song is no exception.  It’s called “Ugly Third Pick” (A reference to the game of M.A.S.H. where when listing three girls you might end up marrying you have to always pick someone ugly for your third pick.)



Now, my eyes may be larger than my stomach when it comes to this project because the more I think about it the more I have the premonition that it’ll probably be a lot more work than I expect.  The original idea was inspired by this great dry-erase animation.  That video is completely freeform which was kind of the easy out for me.  It wouldn’t matter what the heck I drew just that I went ahead and did it.  With this song there’s no freeform to it, just complete and utter planning.  I probably should just animate to some techno beat and go wherever it takes me but after re-listening to this song I can’t deny it.  It inspires me.



So for the next few days I will be prepping and planning for the day I start actual animation.  I will try to remember to let go as much as possible.  I don’t imagine this music video will be perfect but it will most definitely be fun.



Have a listen to the song!


Ugly Third Pick