Today Jenny and I had the luxury of having an all day baby-sitter.  Her mom came by and picked up June in the morning and then Jenny and I went to town on her sewing room.


The sewing room is just what we refer to it as because it was meant to be Jenny’s room for creative activities but it really ended up being more of an oversized storage closet.  We used to call it the Ebay room when we first moved into the house because it stored all the old furniture and stuff that we’d plan to sell off.  Over the years it’s just built up more and more stuff.  When June was born we decided to just shut the door and we rarely ever opened it.  I wish I had a picture of it at the beginning of the day today to show how much it changed. It really is beautiful now and so inviting as a room to do something random and creative in. Even though I’ve kind of moved in, as it were, It’s still called Jenny’s Sewing room because now she can actually DO some sewing in there if she wanted to.


 I didn’t realize at the beginning of the day that it would end up being my creative thing. I realized it would be worthy as a creative thing when Jenny told me about her large amount of wrapping paper and how it was such a pain to store because of their shape.  I took this set of wicker drawers and cut the wicker off the top of it.  I removed the top two drawers and it ended up having a very convenient cage that could hold all of Jenny’s wrapping paper and plus some.


Jenny was also very thoughtful.  She went to ikea and brought back a box of their packing material.  She thought of me and my creative blog and thought I could do something with them.  I loved the idea and she pointed out that if you removed the sides there was a pretty cool honeycomb structure underneath.


Finally, the last thing I did that night was cut up a dry-erase board to fit the base of my animation stand (well, actually my works animation stand. I’m just borrowing) because I plan on starting a dry-erase animation.