It had been a pretty full day with family get-togethers and house cleanings.   It wasn’t until late last night that I got started on my creative thing.  It’s always tough when I let the creative thing wait until the end of the day.


Lately, I’ve been interested in doing more drawing.   Except placing myself into creative methods or situations that I don’t usually do or have a lot of experience with.  So late last night I decided to hit the streets and look for a nice picture to draw.  I wanted to practice more using my rapidograph pens.  I found myself ending up at the same place I went for my post from Day 076 on top of Bastanchury hill, amongst the oil derricks.  Instead of drawing the derricks I was attracted to this lone lamp-post with two trees beside it.


I sat under a tree and spent about an hour drawing the picture above.  I realized that many ink illustrators probably use brushes for larger washes of black.  Overall, I feel good about my little drawing.  I found myself battling the urge to outline everything first and then shade in, which is similar to how I sketch.  That method doesn’t seem to work as well with this medium.


Just a note: In future posts to come you might find me practicing my drawing a bit more because I am leading up to a special dry-erase animation week where every night I will continue work on a freeform dry erase cartoon.  Each day you’ll be able to see a new portion that I’ve finished.  At the end of the week I hope to have something somewhat substantial for you to watch.


In other news:  my Autechre-Style music video finally finished rendering and you can see the final product on my previous post, Day 114 / Autechere-Style Music Video