Tonight, I mistakenly forgot to think about my next move.  Inspired by the last page of MAD Magazine, drawn by the absolutely unbelievable Al Jaffe, I decided to do my own fold-open drawing.  The ones from MAD magazine actually work in reverse order and usually make some clever point.  
I thought I could maybe make a statement by having some happy woodland landscape with happy furry animals fold into an oil rig.  I started off drawing the folded version, the oil rig.  I forgot as I was drawing it, the fact that my lines needed to subtly blend into something else, masking the original image altogether.  Well, I had no idea how to mask the blatant oil rig on the left and right side of my page.
—Now as I write this I can see a possible answer:  I could’ve blended it into a city street with a construction site on the right side and a bank attached to the oil gusher on the left.  (Smack!)
Oh well, at the time, I decided to make it a Slinky-Rig.  That Toy Story 3 is so hot right now.