Last night Jenny recommended that I try out sewing for my creative thing.  At first, I was going to turn it down because my plan was to do a patch on the modular.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t turn her down.  I found out that I can actually sew.  Even after Jenny went to bed for the night I felt completely comfortable going on without her guidance.


I decided to make June a little angry monster to play with.  It was pretty fun to design.  I used felt as the material for everything except for the eyes which were cut from a pattern in another fabric.  I hand-sewed the eyes, mouth and teeth and then used the sewing machine to close up the perimeter.  I plan on decorating the perimeter with some thick lavender thread because I think its a good color to add to the whole thing.


I put the little monster in her toy box so that she could find it in the morning.  It was awesome to see her actually playing with him.  She seemed to really like him.
Thanks for the great idea, sweetie and thanks for teaching me how to sew.

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  1. Jred Smyth

    Awesome!! I did one of my TeeVee heads out of soft felt for Harper a few months before she was born. I don’t have a machine though, so I sewed it on bus rides, and in staff meetings by hand. This makes me want to do another one.

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