Todays creative thing is a springboard from two of my previous posts, Day 105 / Abstract Displacement and Day 095 / Audio to Animation.  On Day 095, I learned how to use music to modulate parameters within Cinema 4D into animation that matches the music.  On Day 105, I learned an interesting material facet called Displacement where you use a noise sample to create random bumps and spikes in the material of an object.
Today I combined those two projects into one by creating this Autechre-Style music video.


I did learn about a new very powerful tool within Cinema 4D called Xpresso.  It’s like a programming language (not unlike Max/MSP) that allows you to patch together parameters almost like a modular synth to create unique hierarchies and behaviors in your animation.  In this, I patched the Bass of the audio file into the displacement height (how long the spikes are) and the treble of the audio file into the scale of the noise (how fat the spikes are).  I also added a random noise generator into the displacement strength in order to give the animation a bit of un-synced life.


The audio from the piece is from my Day 069 drum tease for my MCRP track.

NOTE: Finally the last frame rendered and you can watch the full animation. Enjoy!

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