Today I got a text message from my friend Dantes.   He bought himself a Canon 7D about 9 months ago and since then he’s been experimenting in every sort of photography technique that there is.   Today, he texted me that he had built a little stereoscopic rig for two 7D’s and was interested in doing some experiments in 3D.   I was super excited that my creative thing for the day was going to be a group effort.
Once 9’o’clock rolled around we took his rig and our cameras out to the streets and collected some footage.   We both did our own research that day and we were pretty inexperienced with this technology but there was one thing that we did know which was convergence. Meaning that we had to choose a point in the shot in which to line each of the cameras up to, the convergence point.   We were also under the belief that this convergence point would end up being our movie screen plane, meaning not protruding into your face our stretching deeper into the distance.  Our reference point.  We really had no clue what we were doing.
We got the footage back and converted it into a form that we could see the 3D effect.  Once converted we realized that our shots were actually working!   It was pretty awesome!
For the duplicate image shots near the top you will need a small handheld mirror in order to view the 3D effect.
Grab a mirror and put it on your nose, with the mirror on the right divide the image in the middle and look at the left image (so that your right eye has to look through the mirror and see the reflection)… it may take some time to find the sweet spot but it should look 3d
For the anaglyph (Red/Cyan) stuff we attempted to do a little trick we found on the net by using some blue and red sharpies and a CD case but the red side didn’t work at all.  The blue side did seem to work fine.   Luckily, I had a red gel in my studio and we were able to view it correctly.  The best way, is to head to the arts and crafts store and pick up some red and blue acetate and make the glasses yourself.
I, myself, enjoyed the anaglyph stuff the best.  And my favorite was both the bus stop bench above and the video below.   I hope you enjoy!
Thanks, Dantes!

4 Replies to “Day 113 / Experiments in 3D!

  1. Bite

    how this is possible? This morning i try this red/cyan filter with jitter and some delay and have a lot of fun…and now i see this! Amazing post!

  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks bite! I appreciate it. It was cool for us too when we finally could see the effect. It’s too bad that red/cyan glasses are not more common in stores. I think it would be fun to experiment more with 3D perhaps with animation or graphics. Always good to hear from you.

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