Today was all about the baby.  She was feeling better but still had a bit of a fever and it was really a hot one out as well.  Jenny and I pretty much stayed around the house and took care of the little one.


Once June was off to bed I opted for a creative thing that I could do on my computer beside her.  I decided to do some improvements to my slitscan project in after effects for my previous post on Day 100.  I stopped by target to get a new lazy susan so that I could get a smoother motion from the rotation.


This time I really got better results.  Instead of shooting full HD 1080p I decided to shoot the material in 720p.  And for my After Effects project I made a composition 1280X720 to match but instead of using a single pixel-height mask I went with a 2 pixel height.  That meant that instead of having 720 instances of the same video in one project I could cut it in half to 360.  This made render times much more manageable.  Also, its less time from the top to the bottom of the frame.  With 360 layers, the bottom of the frame turns out to be 15 seconds later then the top of the frame.  Much easier to work with then the full HD 1080p which was 45 seconds difference from top to bottom.


Anyways, If all of this stuff doesn’t make any sense to you, do check out the info from my previous post for a more detailed description.  But don’t worry, just check out the renders that came out below.  If you’re having trouble understanding what’s going on just remember that the top of the frame is 15 seconds earlier then the bottom.





5 Replies to “Day 112 / A Better, More Efficient Slitscan

  1. richard

    Hey man,

    congrats for your work. I really liked your slit-scan approach. Would you mind sharing the after-effects file?

    greetings from Barcelona,


  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks for the comment. I plan on sharing the project. I can release it this week. I just want to do one that is single pixel height at 720p. It would mean a longer render time but a smoother edge. The single pixel 1080p stuff was way too much. But I noticed that on the second example in the video you can see a slight stair-step in the edges of the rail toy. When I release it I plan on doing a little tutorial on how to use the project. Either way I will send you an email when the project is available. Again, probably this week. Thanks again!

  3. ElliotNess

    Brilliant. I can’t wait to see the single pixle. I also think it would be cool to change the timing on the first video, so that it scans from bottom to top. That way, your hand starts the effect off.

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