Jenny, June and I got breakfast this morning and decided rather than head into the city we’d stay in Berkeley all day instead.  It was a beautiful day.  We stopped at our favorite place in Berkeley, Urban Ore.


Urban Ore is a giant warehouse and outer yard filled to capacity with stuff.  All sorts of stuff.  Too much stuff to even describe.  It’s kind of like a large recycling center for everything from building materials down to electronics down to home furnishings down to your little 1970’s owl decoration.  Every time I go there I say the same thing to Jenny – “We brought the wrong car”  Because invariably I find something too large that I’d love to take home with me.


I approached them today about doing a short interview with me because this place ranks high on my list of favorite businesses and it seemed like a good companion to some of my other interview posts.  Luckily, I was introduced to James Croft.  He is an employee of Urban Ore as well as a kind of representative or docent to the place.  When schools come by to tour he’s the one who hosts them.  The owners of Urban Ore were out of town at the time advocating their zero waste philosophy somewhere else (which they do quite often I learned).  I really appreciated the fact that John was willing to sit down with me because I’m such a fan and it would make a great addition to my blog.  So, Thanks John!


If you ever find yourself in Berkeley and you have a little trunk-space left over look up Urban Ore.  Press play on the music player below to hear the 10 minute interview I did with John.


5 Replies to “Day 109 / Urban Ore

  1. Kitten Muffin

    I didn’t realise that you were in the same area as us! We’ve checked out a few of the Bay Area creative reuse places, but I’d not heard of this one, so we’ll be going to have a look soon, probably include it via a trip to the Berkeley adventure playground that we love so much. Thank you!

  2. The B-Roll

    Oh, I actually don’t reside in the bay area but were out here for a little vacation. But yes, if you are on the lookout for some random inspiration or just some building materials then do visit. It just occurred to me that the Urban Ore would be a great junkbot creation hub. I want to do a junkbot but am intimidated by how tough it might be.

  3. Kitten Muffin

    It’s always a good plan to embark on something that you’re not quite sure you can pull off! We’ve just dived into constructing a decent sized DIY cnc router. You should totally go for it with the junkbot! And while you’re here visiting, check out Noisebridge hackerspace at 2169 Mission St!

  4. The B-Roll

    Thanks Brandon. I really appreciate you checking out the blog. I apologize for my utter lack of response. For some reason It had gotten behind me. I saw the comment at a point when I was in transition so I placed it on my backburner. Anyways, thanks.

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