Today Jenny and June and I went to the Monterey Aquarium.  What a beautiful aquarium they have there!  Before leaving I asked Jenny if I could quickly revisit the jellyfish section before leaving.  I took some beautiful video there.


For my creative thing I think I may have bit off more than I could chew so I pared it down a bit.  I initially wanted to cut together a video and do some original scoring to the footage but it was a bit much under the time constraints.  So, I cut my video down and added one of my previous songs to the background.  I think it works but really doesn’t do justice to how beautiful these creatures are.  For tomorrows creative thing I might focus on scoring the longer version of the piece you can watch below.



5 Replies to “Day 108 / A Day At The Aquarium

  1. pirxthepilot

    great video, music is very apt.

    im thinking of getting myself a video camera. can you recommend the cheapest i can get that can do HD as well as produce a half decent narrow dof?

  2. The B-Roll

    Thanks guys! Pirx, my best recommendation would be the canon T2i or I think it’s also called the 550D. It does everything my cam can do except for less than half the price. You could go with the older gen 500D/T1i which doesn’t give you 24fps or full 1080 at a normal frame rate but it can create some beautiful images at 30fps and would be much cheaper now that newer versions have been released. In the end the narrow DOF comes from the aperture and the lens. The canon 50mm 1.8 is a good cheap starter. I’m using an old zeiss that my father owned for his old Contax camera. It has beautiful macro capabilities which you can see in a lot of the images I shoot on this blog. I use a C/Y to EOS adaptor to use the lens on my camera. The lens I use is the Contax-mount Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm f/3.4. You can get it on Ebay sometimes for relatively cheap. Good luck!

  3. pirxthepilot

    you know, i’m glad you made that recommendation. i’ve been using a canon dslr for years (have the old model 400D) and i’ve collected a couple of good lenses. in particular i love my sigma 30mm 1.4, my favorite of the bunch! i also have a lensbaby which is really great at what it does.

    i’m also considering a point and shoot like an LX3, but it definitely wont produce the quality like dslr lenses could. we’ll see..


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