To begin with, today I was a real loser because it happens to be Jenny and I’s 8th wedding anniversary and I completely forgot.  She let it go for most of the day but then she mentioned it while we were having a discussion about how with June in the hotel room only one of us could go out at night.  I offered her the chance to go out and maybe even get a drink tonight since last night I went out and took those photo’s.  She said “No, going out and getting a drink wouldn’t be appropriate, especially tonight.”  “Why’s that?”  “Because it’s our anniversary”  “Doh”  I have always been bad at remembering dates.   I could be well and reminded of a particular date a day in advance and once the day is here it’s all ready left my mind.  I don’t know why but I have always been this way.


So we spent the day thrift store shopping in Morro Bay.  I stopped by a small art supply store and bought the finest tip rapidograph pen they had and a small pad for drawing.  Around 2pm we drove up to Monterey and checked into our next hotel.  After dinner we put June down to sleep and unfortunately every light bulb in our hotel room is like a 150 watt bulb so I had to go into the bathroom to do my creative thing.  As I type this I’m actually at the end of about three to four hours of bathroom time.


I also keep forgetting to mention that the quitting smoking is still going strong.  I have not had a cigarette for 72 hours.  I believe the nicotine should be out of my blood by now.  It’s still pretty rough though.  The last two nights have been pretty much sleepless.