So, I’m posting a couple of these late because our hotel in Morro Bay didn’t have internet.  The day pretty much consisted of Jenny and I running around the house either watching after June or making sure everything we needed was packed.  We didn’t actually head out onto the road until about Noon.  Once we got to Morro Bay all there was time left to do was get some dinner and get June to bed.



After the girls fell asleep I went out to the streets of misty Morro Bay for some long exposures.  I also did a little field recording which you can hear below.  I’ve been to Morro Bay before but this evening I got a real eerie vibe from the place.  I think it was the looming smokestacks from the powerplant.  They’re visible from almost any point in the city.  And It’s interesting that Morro Rock, which is the other great sight in Morro Bay, feels almost like its fighting for attention from the power plant.



The next morning June was up by 6am and because we needed milk I took June out with me to go pick some up.  The fog was so pretty that morning I decided to snap a few more pictures.

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