Some of my renders after watching the Grayscale Gorilla tutorial on SubPolygon Displacement.  It was pretty fun to mess around with this one.  I definitely see myself doing a little audio to animation with this effect.  It’s very Autechre.


On another note I have gone 24 hours without a cigarette.  As I write this Jenny and I are about to hit the road for the coastline.  A little hectic this morning but soon we will be cruising along.  Since I’m off on vacation I imagine that I may not be able to post my creative things everyday depending on if our hotel has internet.  So, if you see a day pass and I haven’t updated then don’t worry, it’ll be up soon.


all the best,



3 Replies to “Day 105 / Abstract Displacement

  1. Bill Shaw

    I have no idea what I’m looking at, but so very cool. More importantly, I’m pulling for you on the smoking thing. Keep it up!

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