This evening I decided to continue work on my song for the latest MCRP (Monome Community Remix Project).  We had some friends over for drinks so I didn’t get started on this one until pretty late.   I was hoping to finish the track but unfortunately my session wasn’t as inspiring as two days ago (Day 102).   I primarily worked on drums.   Since the track from Day 102 had canned beats my first order of business was to make some drum beats out of the toy samples.   I’ve included just a tiny chunk of the main beat which you can play below.  I’m not completely in love with it.   I think it sounds kind of good by itself but when mixed I think the distressed nature of the beat clashes with the melody line.


Anyways, on another note:  I am writing this post in the middle of Day 105 actually and I still have to do my creative thing today but I thought I should inform you that Day 105 is also known as “Quitting Day”. I quit smoking again. Since I’m leaving on a weeks vacation I figured it might be the perfect time to give it my best shot again. So, I will keep you up to date with my progress. I haven’t had one yet but I’m feeling it right now. So, I’m chewing a lot of Stride today.


2 Replies to “Day 104 / More Work On My Remix

  1. ElliotNess

    I tried to quit smoking earlier this week. Was very gung-ho about it. Even gave away the two packs I had just bought. I lasted about 2 days. It’s weird the tricks your mind will play on you in order to get you to smoke again. Good luck!

  2. The B-Roll

    I’ve been through it. Right now I’m on day 4 without smoking and I am crying on the inside. It ain’t fun but I’m looking forward to the bragging rights of saying I’ve gotten a month down. The bragging rights thing has been a great motivator for me. It’s like- I’ve gone 6 days, I can’t smoke now that I’m 1 day away from day 7. And so on. I hope to find myself saying 11 months down, I can’t smoke now that I’m a month away from a year. Thanks for the comment.

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