It was midnight when I drove home from work, thinking to myself “What am I going to do today for my creative thing?”  I don’t like it when I let it slide that late to come up with something but sometimes it works out.


I had this idea back on Day 079 for my light tracing post but it was too late to follow through with it.  Well, tonight I decided that it was the perfect thing to do with such a short time left before bed.  It turned out pretty awesome.

6 Replies to “Day 101 / Light Cables

  1. The B-Roll

    Thanks. There’s nothing to it really. I kept the shutter open. Flashed the scene a couple times and then began drawing with a small Led Keychain. The 3/4 angle helps makes it work, I think. Thanks for the comment.


    Oh, now i get it, i though those were actual cables lighted somehow. Stupid me, now i see how it’s done. Great work i must say, you really fooled me, he he!

  3. nefrix

    Nice Idea.

    It was cool seeing the same cable scheme photographed from different angles. But I think is quit hard making all the time the same moves.

  4. The B-Roll

    It’s funny. It never occurred to me that people might think of them as being real but a couple of days after I posted it my co-worker revealed that he thought the same thing. So, It’s pretty much the coolest thing that people are seeing that in these pictures. Thanks for the comments guys!

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