Necessity is the mother of invention. My mom told me this just yesterday.
What I’ve learned from doing this blog is that sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to do.  I have a bunch of ideas planned out for future blog postings but because of time constraints I haven’t been able to do them.  I have been working pretty heavily for the past three weeks and it has been a major hindrance on any of my larger creative ideas.  For example today, as I drove into work I thought, “Tonight, I’ll work on exporting and organizing my clips that I’ve collected from my previous posts ‘Office Instruments’ and then I’ll upload a little video of me triggering them in my 64(video)fingers app.”  Unfortunately, there was not enough time for that and I was left with a ticking clock and no idea what to do.


It seems to get harder and harder to come up with something each day.  Tonight was probably the hardest one yet.  At the very last minute I decided I’d just go out and take some pictures whatever they may end up being.  I drove by this park in Burbank with the jet you see above and stopped to snap some pictures.  It wasn’t until I had my tripod set up that I remembered that I might still have that cold cathode tube in my trunk.  Sure enough I did, and this aimless blog posting transformed into something slightly more meaningful.


I think some of the pictures turned out quite nice.  My favorite is the last one with the leaves.


All the best.

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