This is why I love the monome.  I have been in crunch time for the past two weeks at work.  I spent the night last night at the office and then went home early today to get some rest before coming back this evening.  In other words, I’m busy.  I haven’t devoted hardly any time to my track for this version of the Monome Community Remix Project.



So this evening I set aside an hour to just create something real quick to post.  I reverted back to the method I used on my first MCRP which was to simply take a couple of the samples and slice them to midi tracks then use the monome app Boiing to trigger the slices.  So I did this tonight and like magic I instantly had something musically interesting.



The rules on this MCRP is that all of the samples must be vocal samples.  I took two of them.  You can listen to each of them separately on the music player below.  Then after that play the quickie track I made out of these samples tonight.  I included a canned beat that I grabbed from somewhere else.  All I did to create this track was record the clips as I triggered them in a row and then I deleted bits that obviously didn’t work.



Finally, I took the Pirxthepilot sample and opened it in Spear.  Spear is an amazing free application that takes an audio file and allows you to manipulate it’s speed, pitch and volume.  After that it resynthesizes the sound out of sine waves which basically means that you can slow it down 4 times as well as pitch 2 octaves and the resulting sample still sounds very smooth.  I took pirx’s sample and took it down 2 octaves and slowed it down as far as it could go.  I placed that track quietly within the mix to add some spooky ambience.



I hope you enjoy!


Pirx Vocal Sample
Watson Vocal Sample
Remix of Samples