Today I finally got to working on my site dedicated to the Monome Community Remix Project.  I reserved the domain name a long time ago and said that I would do it and as the deadline approached for the latest MCRP V5 I felt the pressure to get it done.  It’s only partially built but the structure is looking quite good.  Each MCRP has it’s own page where you can listen to the tracks.


On top of that every artist that has ever been involved in an MCRP has their own Artist page where they can have a photo, bio and links to their music.  My favorite aspect about it is that if you’re on the MCRP V1 page and you’re listening to the music and you like a song.  Just click on the MORE INFO button and it will link you to that Artist’s page where you can listen to all of the tracks that they’ve created for other MCRP’s as well.
It’s come together a lot easier than I imagined so I have no doubt that it will be ready for the tracks that come in for MCRP V5.


Note: If you are an artist who has been involved with the previous MCRP’s and want to add an image and bio to your artist page or want to be removed check this thread for more info.


I hope you all enjoy browsing through all of the amazing music in the coming days on

2 Replies to “Day 058 / MCRPMUSIC.ORG

  1. Jared

    This is awesome! I’m really looking forward to jumping in on the next one and throwing some sick drum samples in the mix! When is the next one?

  2. The B-Roll

    Sorry, so delayed with this reply. You should totally give the remix project a try! The next one is a funny challenge. No samples to upload. This one is called the Bad Song edition. We take a bad song and make it good basically. You send the moderator a link to a song that you think is absolutely horrible then we all put in our vote for which one we think is the best of the worst and the final decision is the moderators. We all then receive the song the moderator selected and we have to take that song and make it our own. The links that people are posting are hilarious!! Here’s the link:

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