HaHa! I didn’t go to work today.  No, no I spent most of the day the way I like to take it.  Breakfast out with Jenny and the baby, Nap, Hang out in the backyard.   We bought a tree today.
At the end of the night I invited over to the studio the two guys who I normally get together with to make music, Jeff and Chris.  The “Holy Trinity” I just dubbed us.   We haven’t gotten together since I started this blog.  I figured this would be a regular, weekly-type post but it’s been at least 56 days since we last got together.



Jeff’s the best musician of the bunch.   Chris works with Reason creating beats and synth-lines usually.  I tend to the technical aspects of recording and arranging.  Nothing crazy tonight, we started with a sample from my previous post “A Little Tune”.  Jeff messed around with the microkorg, while Chris worked in reason. I arranged them into loops in Ableton as they were recorded.


When we get together it’s always fairly random. Sometimes we create something great and sometimes we just futz around with some synth or something the whole night. Either way it’s a good time!
Tonight was not too shabby. Click play to hear a clip of the culmination of messing around.

Back to work tomorrow.